Our project

Specialists in communication, we manage the presence in the net of companies and professionals

We create for our customers a global strategy on Internet. We have extensive experience in web design and content curation in professional networks and social channels to maximize communication between companies and customers.

We propose proximity marketing solutions through mobile devices. And we’ve created Accuracy, an event management platform that uses Beacons technology and mobile app to customize communication and commercial offers.


Proximity marketing

Beacons technology and geolocation give to users a new dimension to the use of mobile devices.

Direct impact between advertiser and client

We combine an app for iOS and Android, a Beacons network and management software adaptable to the needs of each project.

Online reputation

We develop strategies for a solid and coherent digital presence of both companies and professionals.


From an efficient use of information, to the choice of the most appropriate communication channels for each project.

Branded content

We create content adapted to each client and project and the format and type of channel where they will be published.


We adapt the messages to different channels and different formats to adapt each content to its target audience.

Web management

External service for companies to update contents of blogs and web pages, databases and photographic files.


We support companies to effectively manage corporate web pages with special attention to specific events and update security measures.

More proposals

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The constant technological innovations in marketing and mobile devices require a knowledge updating and a diffusion of the advantages that they suppose for clients, advertisers and users.

That is why we have created beacons.blog where we collect everything that we find interesting in proximity marketing and web page management.

Custom videos and personalized videos

We offer to our customers the creation and edition of all kinds of multimedia material from presentations, 3D animations to videos adapted to different types of projects with delivery of material prepared for its diffusion in diverse formats.

Also, technologically advanced options such as customized videos with name and recipient data to include in newsletters and e-mail with real-time playback.